Click here for a printable version of the Rules of the Missouri Club Calf Association.

There have been changes to TWO rules this year effective January 31, 2020. Please call Brianne Bishop (573)864-8804 if you have any questions regarding these rule changes.

6.2.A Points will be accumulated at all sanctioned shows and recorded, individually, based on the number of animals that are actually shown in the class. The MCCA will not be responsible for "no shows" at the gate. Members will receive only the exact number of points as indicated in the points table in paragraph 6.1.A. Points earned for individual classes will be calculated by including out of state exhibitors. For example, if an MCCA member places first out of a class of 10, they will receive 20 points no matter how many of the exhibitors in the class are from Missouri or other states.

6.2.E An exhibitor may not show an animal in multiple breeds or divisions at an individual show. For example, a heifer may not show as both a breed heifer and a crossbreed heifer, or in both a heifer class and market animal class. If an animal is exhibited in different breeds or divisions at different shows, points for that animal will be calculated individually for each division or breed and will count as separate animals when calculating top 10 and overall point standings. For example, if a heifer is showed as a mainetainer heifer at two shows and a crossbred heifer at three shows, the points will be calculated for her in each breed separately and will count as two of three animals that can be counted toward the overall points categories.

The following rules were also discussed due to inquiries or recommendations from members. There have been NO CHANGES to the following rules, but for clarification for both members and show coordinators we wanted to paste them below to bring your attention to them. 

6.1.C Showmanship Points- MCCA will award showmanship points to the champion and reserve in each division. Champion will receive 10 points and reserve will receive 7 points.

***Note: This rule has been discussed because some shows are only reporting champion showman for each division. We recommend that shows have a judge select and report both champion and reserve showmen.

6.2.G. All protests must be submitted in writing to the MCCA office within 30 days of the show in question or publication of points on the MCCA website.

***These should be sent via mail or e-mail to Brianne Bishop and Caroline Sicht at the mailing or e-mail addresses listed on our "contact us" page. Understand that calculation of points is a very time consuming process and while we can and do make mistakes, please double check your calculations prior to sending us a message.

6.2.H. Beginning in 2012, each member voted to the Junior Board, will receive 5 points for their service and 1 point for each meeting attended.

***These points are added to the animal of the Board Member's choice at the end of the year. We will strive to provide more clarity regarding the potential for point totals to change due to this rule, such as by posting this rule on the "2020 Standings" link.

2021 Rule Changes will be due to MCCA Advisors by December 1, 2020. All rule changes are made at the beginning of the year when they are voted on by the newly elected Junior Board members. We appreciate suggestions and look forward to continuing to make the MCCA an asset for our youth!

*All MCCA sanction shows are required to select the Top 5 Missouri Heifers and Steers*

*No age minimum for members- all exhibitors 21 years and younger as of January 1st*

There have been no changes to the MCCA Official Show Order